Sigma Sigma Chapter at Iowa State University

Kappa Delta


Kappa Delta offers collegiate women a strong support system and encouragement to excel. Chapter members gain the confidence to achieve their dreams and are inspired to action on campus and in the community.

Plus, if you join Kappa Delta, you find sisters for life. Friendship and mutual support are some of the greatest benefits of sorority involvement. Members encourage each other to be their best selves and hold each other accountable.

Best of all, the Kappa Delta experience allows members to meet and learn from others with different backgrounds and interests. It’s sisterhood at its finest!

This strong sense of sisterhood that is so critical during college does not end upon graduation. KD is for a lifetime! With more than 515 alumnae chapters nationwide, Kappa Delta is never far away.



Hello, my name is Melody Kayser, and I am Sigma Sigma's Vice-President of Learning and Development!

I have the pleasure of working with many other women in Kappa Delta to educate our new members on the values and principles that we base our sorority on. We strive to implement these principles in our lives as collegiate women and extend that into our future endeavors. 

Our chapter members gain the confidence to recognize their potential and reach their dreams while being supported by amazing friendships. One of the best things about being in Kappa Delta is that you are a sister for life, meaning there will always be someone there to encourage and support you, long after your collegiate career has ended. Sisterhood is dreams shared and goals achieved. It's counting on others and being counted on. We are in a sisterhood together, and together we can do great things. 



Melody Kayser

Vice President of Learning and Development


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