Sigma Sigma Chapter at Iowa State University

Kappa Delta

Letter to Parents

We are very excited that you and your daughter are interested in Sorority Life at Iowa State University! Joining a sorority will enhance your daughter’s collegiate experience and provide lessons and opportunities that far exceed those of the classroom. By joining Kappa Delta, your daughter will learn the meaning of true friendship and be challenged by her peers to excel in all areas of her development.

When I chose to join a sorority, I knew I wanted to find a group of women that would accept me for who I am, but challenge me to reach my full potential. I found that group in Kappa Delta. My sisters are constantly supporting me and providing me with a home away from home.

Kappa Delta provides a sisterhood and opportunities that last throughout your college years and continue to support you throughout your life. When you join Kappa Delta Sorority, you are entering an organization built upon honorable values and women dedicated to creating a better world. Through Kappa Delta, we encourage parent involvement and support. We recognize that the success of our Chapter would not be possible without the unfailing support of our loving parents.



McKenzie Weimerskirch

Vice-President of Recruitment and Marketing

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