Sigma Sigma Chapter at Iowa State University

Kappa Delta

International Girls Day

Celebrate International Girls Day on or around November 14.

Media messages, cultural stereotypes and peers often tell girls that they have to look, act and be a certain way. Created by Kappa Delta Sorority, International Girls Day is a day to celebrate girls – all kinds of girls with all kinds of interests and abilities. It’s an opportunity to build confidence in girls and help them realize their potential. 

Kappa Delta chapters and women around the world celebrate this special holiday each year. 


Kappa Delta Sigma Sigma celebrates International Girls Day by organizing an event with local troops of Girl Scouts of the USA, in an effort to build confidence and friendship with these young women.

In 2018, Sigma Sigma hosted over 100 Girl Scouts from across the state of Iowa. Our theme was inspired by society today, "You'll Always Stand Out but You'll Never Stand Alone". As a group, we decorated handheld mirrors, to boost confidence when we look in the mirror. We also made dream boards to remind ourselves that we can do anything with the support of our friends and family. 




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